Donor Advised Competitive Grants

In addition to distributing grants through our Regional Competitive Grant Cycles, the Idaho Community Foundation distributes grants through our donor advised funds. Usually, grants from donor advised funds are distributed at the specific request of the donor who established the fund.  However, several of our donor advised funds are large enough to have their own grant cycle.  Information about these grant cycles is listed below.

Bonner County Fund for Arts Enhancement: Deadline April 30. In 2018, approximately $30,000 is available to be awarded in grants.  Grants up to $10,000 will be considered for Bonner County organizations seeking funding for projects that focus on demonstrating how the arts encourage creative and critical thinking, stimulate economic vitality and enhance the quality of life in a community. This cycle is now closed and will reopen in spring 2019. Click to see last year's guidelines   

Bonner County Human Rights Task Force Fund: Deadline March 31. Grants up to $8,000 to Bonner County organizations whose activities reflect commitment to the ideal that everyone is equal under our state and federal laws and constitution regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.  This cycle is now closed and will reopen in spring 2019. Click to see last year's guidelines.

Cancer Connection Idaho Fund: Deadlines four times per year: February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. The mission of The Cancer Connection Idaho is to empower people touched by cancer to find support, resources, education and a sense of community. Grants fund diverse projects to support this mission, including a writing contest for teens who had cancer or loved one with cancer, wellness programs such as gentle yoga and movement classes, mind-body skills, nutrition and expressive arts, healing retreats for the whole family and community education events.  Click here to apply.

CenturyLink Middle School Philanthropy Program: Deadline November 30. Eligible participants include middle/junior high school classrooms located in communities served by CenturyLink. Eight classrooms will be selected to participate, and will be given $3,000 to distribute to local nonprofits impacting their community. Click to see guidelines or to apply.

The F.M., Anne G., and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation Fund: Deadline May 1 and Nov. 1. Grants of various amounts are given to support arts activities that will provide entertainment or art-related education to the general public and/or support the education, skills training, performance or display opportunities for local artists in Bannock, Bingham, Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Power counties. Click to see guidelines or to apply.

Junior Garnier & Bud Ashford Military Veterans Fund: Deadline May 1. For veteran's organizations located in Bonner and Boundary counties, serving veterans within that region, including American Legion posts, Disabled American Veterans chapters, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States posts, Vietnam Veterans of America chapters, and Marine Corps League detachments. This cycle is now closed and will reopen in spring 2019. Click to see last year's guidelines.

Idaho Education Access Fund: Deadline Jan. 15. Grants of up to $10,000 given to higher education institutions in the state of Idaho to support access to postsecondary education for underserved students and to encourage students to complete their degree or certification programs in the state of Idaho. This cycle is now open. Click to see guidelines and application.

Idaho Future Fund: Deadline February 15 (North); June 15 (East); August 15 (Southwest). Provides grants from $10,000 to $20,000 intended to support gaps in educational programs (preschool through 12th grade) that gravely affect the quality of education students receive in Idaho.  Focus areas include Preschool Scholarships, Charter Schools, Public Schools/Public School Libraries and Supplemental Educational Programs.  Click here for guidelines.

To apply in for the North click here
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Ifft Foundation Fund: Deadlines of March 15 and August 15. Grants given for projects that benefit community beautification and public recreation in southeastern Idaho with primary emphasis on landscaping and beautification projects. Open to organizations from Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Power counties. Click here to see guidelines.

Lassahn-Worrell Fund for Community Support Services: Deadline March 1. Provides grants of $500 to $1000 to organizations in eastern Idaho working to: 1) develop and/or provide direct support services to disenfranchised populations; 2) educate stakeholders, consumers, service providers or the public-at-large about disenfranchised populations with the aim to remove the stigma and/or discrimination generally surrounding those populations; and/or 3) provide advocacy on behalf of disenfranchised populations.This cycle is now closed and will reopen in spring 2019. Click to see last year's guidelines.

North Idaho Action Fund: Deadline September 30. Grants up to $30,000 are awarded to organizations and projects working to improve access to and the quality of behavioral health programs that benefit residents of Bonner and Boundary Counties. Click here for guidelines or Click here to apply.

Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised Fund: Opens Aug. 1, closes Sept. 1. Grants given for projects that benefit Valley County. Organizations don’t have to be based in Valley County. Click to see guidelines or click here to apply.

Student Loan Fund of Idaho Education Fund: Deadline Jan. 15. Provides grants for education institutions in the state of Idaho to encourage upper class students to complete their postsecondary education by providing financial assistance when unusual or unexpected financial problems might preclude continuing in school. The minimum grant amount per education institution is $5,000. This cycle is open. Click to see guidelines.