Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about making a donation to the Idaho Community Foundation. Click on each question for more information.

Can I make a donation in honor or memory of someone?

Yes. ICF frequently receives donations made in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. ICF will send an acknowledgment to the individual being honored, or the family of someone being remembered. When you send in your donation, please indicate you would like an acknowledgement sent and provide us the appropriate contact information.

Can I make an anonymous donation to a fund?

Yes. When you send in your donation you may indicate if you would like this gift to be anonymous. Your name will not appear on our donor list or any giving reports we run. You may either specify a certain gift be anonymous, or request that all donations made by you are recorded as anonymous.

Does ICF send charitable receipts to all donors?

ICF sends receipts to all donors, regardless of the amount of the donation. Each receipt will include the appropriate information you will need for tax purposes, and will list the name of the ICF fund(s) into which the donation was deposited.

What does ICF do when it receives donations that do not list a fund?

For donations $50 and under, ICF will deposit the funds into one of our regional Forever Idaho funds, depending on where the donor lives. For donations above $50, ICF will contact the donor for clarification.

If I make a donation to an ICF fund, is the fund creator notified?

It depends on the type of fund that is established and the services the donor receives. Some donors request giving reports that show all contributions made to their fund within a certain time period. If you would like the fund creator to be notified, indicate this when sending in your donation.

Does ICF have automatic electronic payment options?

Yes, donors may sign up for monthly, quarterly or other automatic payments to be made from their debit or credit card. Automatic payments can be set up to stop when the card expires or after a specified amount of time. After each payment, you will receive an email notifying you of the donation and later a mailed receipt from ICF.