Private Foundation Comparison

Private Foundations
Starting a private foundation takes commitment, time and money. Often prompted by year-end tax planning or the influence of peers, a quick decision can result in a costly and long-term responsibility. Idaho Community Foundation funds offer practical alternatives.

Donor Advised Fund
For those who want a hands-on giving experience, a Donor Advised Fund might be the best option. Donor Advised Funds are highly efficient because administration and investment are pooled with other funds at ICF.

The donor or other fund advisors can make grant recommendations on how fund assets should be spent. Upon receipt of the recommendations, ICF staff conduct due diligence to ensure the beneficiary is a qualified charitable entity and the distribution adheres to any special instructions listed in the fund agreement. Grant awards are then prepared and distributed to the recommended beneficiary. Each quarter, the ICF Board of Directors formally approves each grant made from an ICF fund during the previous quarter.

ICF and private foundation comparison chart