What does ICF do?

What does ICF do

Since 1988, ICF has been in Idaho working with generous people who want to give to trusted, deserving organizations. With local staff, three offices throughout the state (Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Falls), and grant opportunities for each of Idaho’s 44 counties, we know our communities. A gift through ICF lasts forever. Let us show you how.

For Idaho’s charitable individuals and families, ICF provides a wide variety of charitable options to support a cherished cause, community or organization now and forever. ICF is the only statewide nonprofit that invests the funds it receives to provide a brighter future for Idahoans tomorrow and forever. 

For Idaho’s nonprofits, ICF provides a source of local knowledge about the critical issues they face, and can connect them to donors and partners who can help. ICF also provides a streamlined grant process that offers financial support of nonprofit projects and initiatives through the generosity of our fund creators.

We offer:

  • Memberships – Starting at $25/year. ICF memberships support our operations and mean that we can spend more time focusing on the needs of our fund holders and grant recipients and less time on fund raising for ourselves.