ICF Members

2017-2018 as of March 31, 2017

Hundreds of people from Idaho and beyond believe in the important work of the Idaho Community Foundation and participate in our annual membership program to support our operations, which allows us to focus on our community impact throughout the state.

Benefactor ($1,000 and above)
A J and Susie Balukoff, Boise
Karen Bilowith, Boise
Alan Dachs, San Francisco, CA
Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph, Boise
Ford and Jean Elsaesser, Priest River
Mark Kubiak and Susan Fenton Kubiak, Dover
Delores L. Fery, Boise
Mary Lynn Hartwell, Idaho Falls
N. Charles and Polly Hedemark, Boise
Sus Helpenstell, Nampa
Alice Hennessey, Boise
Dorothy Kidd, Caldwell
Thomas and Teresa Killingsworth, Boise
Donald and Marcia Liebich, Hailey
Roger and Claudia Martell, Eagle
Rhonda Millick, Eagle
Douglas Oppenheimer, Boise
Richard and Susan Parrish, Boise
Dallas Peck and Cynthia Keller-Peck, Boise
Carolyn Rees, Caldwell
Kelly Turk and Debra Riedel, Boise
Ron Sali, Eagle
Terry and Brenda Sanford, Heyburn
Walter and Kristin Sinclair, Boise
Thomas Stitzel, Boise
Paul and Judy Yochum, Pocatello
Robert and Mary Kay Yuditsky, Coeur d’Alene

Patron ($500-$999)
Mary Abercrombie, Boise
Paul Anderson and Sandy Hall, Coeur d’Alene
Robert and Michelle Angell, Boise
John and Martha Arrington, Idaho Falls
Thomas and Marilyn Beck, Boise
William Berg and Melinda Cameron, Sagle
Benjamin Rydalch and Laura Bettis, McCall
Douglas and Deidre Chadderdon, Coeur d’Alene
Larry Cope, Buhl
Darin and Ann DeAngeli, Boise
Armand and Vicki Eckert, Buhl
J. Brent and Sandra Fery, Boise
Clark and Sydney Fidler, Boise
Tim and Sue Hamilton, Ketchum
Dan and Judith Hinman, Emmett
Kenlon and Carol Johnson, Idaho Falls
Kris and Devon Kamann, Boise
Dirk and Patricia Kempthorne, Boise
Dan and Carmen Klocko, Coeur d’Alene
Patricia Krug, Coeur d’Alene
Celia Kunau, Burley
John Magnuson and Holly Houston, Coeur d’Alene
Bill and Lori McCann, Lewiston
James and Willa McLaughlin, Ketchum
Michael and Kathryn McNichols, Lewiston
Phillip and Anita Murelaga, Boise
Doug and Billie Nelson, Idaho Falls
Skip and Esther Oppenheimer, Boise
DeRay and Carol Perry, Idaho Falls
Alan and Wendy Pesky, Ketchum
Park and Sharon Price, Idaho Falls
Judith Ramos, Meridian
J.L. and Pat Scott, McCall
Gay Simplot, Boise
Tina Therp and Joe Murphy, Pocatello
Thomas and Susan Thilo, Hayden
Thomas and Rosamond Turnbull, Carbondale, CO
Charlotte Unger, Ketchum
Nancy Sue and Marc Wallace, Hayden Lake
Mitch and Linda Watkins, Twin Falls
Linda Wilkins, Swan Valley
Virginia Willard, Idaho Falls
Dick and Jacquie Wilson, Boise
Richard and Dawn Wittman, Culdesac
Raymond and Janice Wolfe, Caldwell

Sponsor ($250-$499)
Bill and Elizabeth Allen, Salmon
Richard and Sharon Allen, Scottsdale, AZ
Randy and Candi Allphin, Boise
Don and Judy Atkinson, Hailey
Brad and Janice Baldwin, Hayden Lake
David Barber, Boise
Carl Bontrager and Kathleen Lynn, Ketchum
Mary Boone, New Meadows
Gregory and Christa Braun, Nampa
C. Richard and Vonnie Lue Broulim, Rigby
Betty Carr, Idaho Falls
Steve and Cindy Carr, Idaho Falls
Julie Chenoweth, Orofino
Tim and Kate Coiner, Twin Falls
Gerard and Cindy Connelly, Troy
P. Michael and Linda Davidson, Coeur d’Alene
Dennis Keefer and Elly Davis, Boise
Thomas and Linda Dixon, Boise
Roy and Frances Ellsworth, Boise
B. Hyatt and Belen Erstad, Boise
Andrew and Shannon Erstad, Boise
Mark and Debra Flitton, Caldwell
Allan and Fran Frost, Twin Falls
Terry Curtis and Linda Grable-Curtis, Meridian
Robert and Anne Hay, Boise
Guy Hearon and Cheryl Stewart, Sandpoint
John and Deb Holleran, Boise
Richard and Donna Hutter, Sandpoint
Doyle Jacklin, Coeur d’Alene
Donald and Dorothy Jacklin, Post Falls
Carolyn Johnson, Boise
Jon and Sharon Kimberling, Moscow
Arthur and Annaliese Kull, Idaho Falls
Brad and Teresa Little, Emmett
Irv and Trudy Littman, Boise
Robert and Tena Lokken, Boise
James and Carole McWilliam, Pocatello
Alan and Royanne Minskoff, Boise
Raymond and Jane Morgan, Hayden Lake
Walter and Patricia Nelson, Gooding
Carolyn Patrick, Emmett
John and Sue Paul, Boise
Richard and Georgiann Raimondi, Boise
John and Enid Runft, Boise
Jim and Mary Schmidt, Grangeville
David and Pamela Shaw, Emmett
Dale and Victoria Smith, King Hill
Randy and LaDean Smith, Pocatello
Michael and Diana Thomas, Weiser
Fred and Charlotte Thompson, Boise
James and Sandra Turner, Woodside, CA
Alan and Sherry Van Orden, Pocatello
James and Marlene Wogsland, Hayden Lake
Sharon Woodhead, Boise
Linda Yarborough, Hayden
John and Helen Yuditsky, Coeur d’Alene

Sustainer ($100-$249)
Kay Alspaugh, Boise
Sandra Ashworth, Bonners Ferry
Clen and Emma Atchley, Ashton
Irv Baldwin and Betsy Hill, Boise
Robert Barclay, Boise
Norman and Ellen Batt, Caldwell
Lisa and Rich Bearg, Meridian
Robert Lantz and Cynthia Berlin-Lantz, Rupert
Ronald and Michelle Berry, Tetonia
Harvey and Myrna Bickett, Boise
Fred and Gayle Bieker, Sun Valley
Ernest Blackwelder and Sheila Hennessey, Laguna Beach, CA
Dan and Brenda Blitman, Meridian
William and Karla Bodnar, Boise
Henry and Deborah Boomer, McCall
Richard and Connie Bowen, Boise
Stewart and Mary Butler, Hayden Lake
Clay and Jan Carley, Boise
Robert and Elaine Carpenter, Caldwell
James and Nora Carpenter, Boise
Mary and Thomas Carver, St. Maries
Freda Cenarrusa, Boise
Donald and Dolores Chapman, McCall
Edward and Arita Cleary, Boise
Harold and Penny Coe, Bellevue, WA
Linda Copple Trout, Boise
Lee and Lori Cullen, Hayden Lake
Leroy and Barbara Custer, Boise
Bill and Bernadean Daniels, Boise
Judd and Diane DeBoer, Boise
John and Carey Dondero, Sun Valley
Bill and Jill Dougherty, Dalton Gardens
A. Dale Dunn, Eagle
Curtis and Mardo Eaton, Twin Falls
Jim and Judith Eisses, Coeur d’Alene
Fred and Susan Faulkner, Gooding
Art and Nancy Flagan, Coeur d’Alene
Kent and Kim Fletcher, Burley
Allen and Raina Frei, Ferdinand
Terry and Anne Freund-Ross, Hudson, WI
Gregory Garlick and Marcia Wing, Boise
Richard and Peggy Garvin, Pocatello
Sheila Gary, Hayden
Jessica and Mark Aguilar Gier, Boise
William and Melissa Gilbert, Boise
Richard and Lynne Haensli, Caldwell
Lawrence Halvorson, Boise
Michele A. Hansen, Idaho Falls
Gregory Kaslo and Anita Kay Hardy, Boise
Hope Hayward, Ketchum
Eloise Helbling, Nampa
Tom and Shana Hennessey, Mountain Home
Trenton and Margo Hill, Boise
Paul and Ann Hill, Stanley
Craig Hobdey, Gooding
Mark and Lynn Hofflund, Boise
Leslee and Robert Hoover, Coeur d’Alene
Ronald and Mary Hughes, Boise
Steven and Elizabeth Huish, Ketchum
Nancy Ives, Boise
Bill and Jackie Jackson, Boise
D. Blaine and Cynthia Jacobson, Boise
James and Wendy Jaquet, Ketchum
Richard and Lucinda Jardine, Twin Falls
Dean and Marjean Johnson, St. Maries
Richard and Jill Jurvelin, Coeur d’Alene
Kenneth and Dawn Kees, Lewiston
R. Stanwood and Sharon Kohls, Hayden Lake
Peter Kozisek and Julia Robinson, Boise
Pamela and Bruce Lake, Blackfoot
Jeanette Laster, Coeur d’Alene
Robert and Deborah Law, Ketchum
Edward and Siwen Hu Lieskovan, Arcadia, CA
Patsy Lodge, Eagle
Donald and Nancy Longwith, Idaho Falls
Brian and Karen Loosli, Ashton
Clark and Grace Lusk, Hayden
Todd Maddock, Spokane, WA
Michael and Beth Markley, Boise
Andy and Lisa Marshall, Caldwell
John and Mary McGown, Boise
Patrick and Lisa McMurray, Boise
Robert and Rita Mecham, Spokane, WA
James and Kathryn Mertz, Caldwell
Mary Ann Meyers, Meridian
Chris and Kris Mikkelsen, Spokane, WA
Sylvia and Nicholas Miller, Hailey
Bruce and Darlena Moberly, Boise
Barbara and Martin Mueller, Coeur d’Alene
Vicki Murphy, Boise
David and Diane Myklegard, Boise
Robert and Rhonda Naftz, Pocatello
James and Linda Neeley, Idaho Falls
Kay and JoAnn Nelson, Coeur d’Alene
Mona Noble, Parker, AZ
Owen and Stephanie Orndorff, Boise
Jennifer Oxley, Boise
Steven and Ruby Pearson, Boise
Tom and Michelle Praggastis, Sun Valley
Donald and Rose Price, Nampa
Bonnie Quinn, Boise
Timothy and Wanda Quinn, Coeur d’Alene
P.T. and Sherry Rathbone, Marsing
Earl and Carrie Reed, Twin Falls
Stephen and Julie Rice, Lewiston
Robert and Beth Rohe, Ketchum
Ron and Susan Rope, Idaho Falls
John and Karen Rosholt, Twin Falls
H. Thad and Judith Scholes, Twin Falls
Gerald and Connie Schroeder, Boise
Kathy Scott, Boise
James and Susan Shelledy, Sagle
Philip Shinn, Lewiston
Marion Shinn, Lewiston
Jerry and Ann Shively, Idaho Falls
Dr. Arnold Silva and Dr. Denise Mills, Boise
Esther Simplot, Boise
Russell and Phyllis Slifer, Boise
Jordan and Mary Smith, Salmon
Dorothy A Snowball, Boise
Don and Andrea Solberg, Grangeville
Craig and Jane Spencer, Grangeville
John and Brenda St. Clair, Idaho Falls
Norman Steadman, Weippe
David and Lara Stone, Ketchum
Tricia Swartling, Ketchum
Kay Swenson, Moscow
Michele Tae, Boise
Benjamin and Lauren Tassos, Boise
Kenneth and Karma Taylor, Idaho Falls
Wayne and Peggy Thiessen, Boise
Leslie Tidwell, Hailey
Stephen Wagner, Idaho Falls
Robin and Mimi Wallis, Boise
Stephen Weeg and Nancy Greco, Pocatello
Dick and Joanne Wetherell, Sun Valley
Mitch and Jonalyn Whetzel, Mead, WA
H. James and Stephanie White, Boise
Dwight and Leann Wicks, Kooskia
Neil and Ann Wimberley, Hope
David and Shannon Wimer, Grangeville
Jack and Mary Pat Winderl, Eagle
H. Norman and Kathryn Wright, American Falls
Clement Yonker and Lori Getts, Sandpoint

Supporter ($50-$99)
Robert A. Baker, Emmett
Fred Belzer and Theresa Kaufmann, Pocatello
Gary and Janet Benoit, Boise
Jean Betebenner, Boise
Barbara Botsch, Sandpoint
Richard and Aris Boyle, Idaho Falls
Joyce and Sidney Brewer, Centerville
Dean and Judy Buffington, Boise
Felicia Burkhalter, Boise
Howard and Carol Burnett, Pocatello
Donald Carleton, Moscow
Annie Chalfant, Boise
Gregory and Paula Culet, Nampa
Earl Dodds, McCall
Ryan and Taylor Erstad, Boise
William and Gay Fruehling, Ketchum
Edson and Patricia Fujii, Meridian
Ellie and Kerry Goebel, Boise
Steve and Donna Guerber, Eagle
Klara Hansberger, Meridian
Tom and Haley Hennessey, Boise
Jack and Sylvia Hunt, Caldwell
Ernest Jensen, Idaho Falls
Larry and Sharon Johnson, Meridian
Daniel and Carmelyn Johnson, Boise
Cary Jones, Blackfoot
Rich and Betty Jordan, Boise
Virginia Kelly, Pocatello
Edward and Marjorie Kuchynka, Weippe
Kellie Lavigne, Wallace
David and Kelsey Little, Emmett
Robert and Ann Loucks, Salmon
Mike McHargue, Boise
Linda Milam, Idaho Falls
Charles and Amanda Miller, Coeur d’Alene
Christopher and Pam Moore, Lewiston
Susan Morris, Spokane, WA
Robert and LaVoy Myers, Pocatello
Randall and Melissa Nelson, Boise
Damon Noller, Boise
Mark and Eva Nye, Pocatello
Dennis O’Brien, Wallace
Buddy Paul and Beverly Lingle, Hayden
Megan and Juan Perez, Boise
Carol Pintler, Ketchum
Margaret Plastino, Idaho Falls
Arthur and Renee Rammell, Idaho Falls
Carlos Roundy, Rupert
Harold E. Rumsey, Boise
Robert and Nancy Russell, Salmon
Richard and Donna Sagness, Pocatello
Hopi and Kate Salomon, Idaho Falls
Joseph Schmidt, Lewiston
Sandy Shaw, Ketchum
Kenneth and Janet Sherman, Boise
Barbara Shinn, Boise
LeAnn Simmons, Boise
Edward and Susie Skinner, Twin Falls
Jane Slattery, Boise
Richard Sorensen, McMinnville, OR
Barbara J. Stensland, Pocatello
Spencer and Evelyn Strand, Challis
Adam and Laura Swift, Boise
John Tate, Fairfax, VA
Patricia Taylor, Moscow
Kristen Thompson, Meridian
Jude and Adrienne Trapani, Boise
Gayle Wilde, Boise
Cindy and David Wong, Meridian

Friend ($25-$49)
Judy Ahrens, Nampa
W. G. Atteberry, Cambridge
Sonia Beard, Rexburg
Kris Beckstead, Preston
Christine Bishop, Blanchard
Donna Boe, Pocatello
Susan Borowicz, Elk City
Alison Boyer, Arco
Sarah Brehm, Montgomery, AL
E. Gene Caldwell, Malad City
Margaret Duncan, Lewiston
Kevin Dunn, Boise
Ranie and Jim Evans, Twin Falls
David Facer, Rexburg
Reeta Farr, Ola
Steven Fuller, Preston
Garney Hardy, Idaho Falls
Barbara Hawkins, Pollock
Kenneth Johnson, Boise
Caryl Johnston, Hayden
Gary Klett, Glenns Ferry
Chris Knox, Bancroft
Alan and Mildred Lansing, Lenore
Mark and Holly Motes, Boise
Hilarie Neely, Ketchum
Marcella Nelson, Sandpoint
Mary Obray, Soda Springs
Leonard Parenteau, Priest River
Robert Rainville, Boise
Kathy Ray, Malad
Heidi Rogers, Coeur d’Alene
Myron Rosenwinkel, Idaho Falls
Trish Searle, Burley
Kimberley Seitz, Coeur d’Alene
Sam Thilo, Spokane, WA
Gloria Jean Thomas, Malad City
Jennifer Traughber, Jerome
Rebecca Tuttle, Portland, OR
Mary Vagner, Pocatello
Debra Vis, Caldwell
Anne Wilder Chamberlain, Priest River
Viki and Ken Wood, Heyburn
Estella Zamora, Caldwell

Corporate and Nonprofit Partners
Boise Skateboard Association, Boise
Emmett Community Playhouse, Inc.
Family Health Services Corporation, Twin Falls
Feed the Gap, Boise
Fifth Judicial District CASA Program, Inc., Twin Falls
Gem County Recreation District, Emmett
Interlink Volunteer Caregivers, Inc., Twin Falls
Junior Achievement of Washington, Spokane
Kamiah Chamber of Commerce
Minidoka Soil and Water Conservation District, Rupert
Picabo Livestock Co., Inc.
Senior Activity Center, Pocatello
Senior Citizens’ Community Center, Inc., Idaho Falls
Sixth Judicial District CASA Program, Pocatello
The Guardians Foundation, Inc., Post Falls
Veterans Therapeutic Gardens, Caldwell
West Side School District #202, Dayton