Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative

Our lands define us: rugged, diverse, interconnected.Croy PNWRLI

The beauty and abundance of the Pacific Northwest is integral to the identity and well-being of our region. Our outdoor places are our heritage. They are the homelands of Native Americans since the beginning of time. They are the basis of our farming, ranching, forestry, and fishing. They are our family spaces to gather, picnic, and play. They are where we paddle, hunt, hike and ski. They give us our fresh air and our clean water.

We are all united by our love of this special place.

Yet our lands — and our quality of life — are at risk.

The Pacific Northwest’s quality of life and economy are intrinsically tied to the health of the region’s natural lands and waters. The accelerating effects of our changing climate, along with population growth and other factors, are exerting unprecedented pressure on the lands, waters, wildlife, and ways of life that make this region so exceptional.

But there is a way to help our communities, our lands, and our waters thrive in a changing climate – the Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative.

Four leading organizations—the Land Trust Alliance, Oregon Community Foundation, Seattle Foundation and Idaho Community Foundation—have formed the Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative to unite and empower people from across our region to protect our lands and waters so their many benefits can be enjoyed by all people — now and for generations to come.

Launched with a generous grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, this initiative will help ensure nature thrives in a changing climate by supporting land trusts – and the communities they serve – to strategically identify and permanently protect thousands of acres of natural lands across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

The partners will work to permanently protect resilient landscapes in the Pacific Northwest in two ways:

  • First, we will deliver grant funding directly to land trusts to help them purchase and permanently conserve the most climate resilient lands in their communities. Together, these lands will help sustain our region’s plants and animals and safeguard our shared future.
  • Second, working closely with the region’s state associations of land trusts, we will invest in strengthening the organizational effectiveness of land trusts and provide them with the technical resources they need to identify, conserve, and steward these climate resilient lands in perpetuity.

Join us to conserve our region’s natural lands and protect our healthy, balanced and vibrant communities. This is the perfect time for those who care about the Pacific Northwest region to make a permanent difference. By joining forces in this collaborative, science-driven effort, you will have an impact far beyond the reach of any one individual.

To support the Initiative:
Kris Kamann, Chief Development Officer
(208) 342-3535