Project Neighborly - Idaho


Project Neighborly - IdahoThe Idaho Community Foundation is proud to launch an effort to foster inclusion and inspire neighborliness in local communities. Inspired by our friends at the Whatcom Community Foundation, Project Neighborly is a grant program that encourages all of us to become better neighbors and create welcoming communities. You come up with the ideas, and a Project Neighborly grant will help bring those ideas to life. Our 2022 grant cycle is currently closed. Please check back early next year for details about the 2023 program.

Who can apply?

We are running Project Neighborly concurrently in three communities. Eligible communities include:

North Idaho: Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai and Shoshone counties.
East Idaho:  Bannock, Bingham, Bonneville, Butte counties and the Fort Hall Reservation.
Treasure Valley: Ada and Canyon counties.

If you or someone you know needs a copy of the application translated to a different language, please contact us.

Eligible recipients include: 501(c)(3) organizations; Native American tribal agencies; civic groups (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.); religious institutions; public institutions (including public schools or local governments); and projects with an approved Fiscal Sponsor*.

*Not a nonprofit? No problem. Individuals and teams can still apply if you obtain a fiscal sponsor, which allows an eligible organization to sponsor the project and accept the grant funds on your behalf. If you plan to use a fiscal sponsor for your project, please email

What is the grant size?
Grants of $250 to $5,000 will be awarded to fuel inspiring, actionable, relevant projects that develop a sense of community. Grant funding is flexible and can be used for the expenses involved in the creation and execution of the proposed project.

Any ideas for projects?
2022 grantees
A key to a good project is asking yourself, “Will this idea help start conversations with people I otherwise might not have approached?” We know you will come up with some bold ideas, but here are a few for inspiration:

    • Block Party – Whether there is a field or a few feet between you and your nearest neighbor, organize a virtual block party or gather safely to get to know your neighbors.
    • Story Exchange – Grab a smart phone or hop on Zoom to learn more about someone you don’t know well (or maybe at all yet). Ask questions that you’ve always wanted to ask – what is it like to be a farmer? What is it like to be brand new to this community?
    • Spiffing Up our Neighborhoods – Is there a community center near you that needs some tending? Is there a place that could use some trees? Organize a work party to improve a place and meet the people in it.
    • Skill Share – Organize an event where people can share and/or learn the skills that already live in your community – woodworking, food preservation, beekeeping – anything you and your neighbors either know how to do, or would like to learn.
    • Acts of Kindness – Show your appreciation for teachers, front line workers, or your neighbors.

Remember to keep an eye on this page for the latest COVID-19 gathering guidelines and recommended safety protocols.  

What will be considered for funding?
Preference will be given to ideas that:

    • Clearly identify a specific and relevant need, locale and audience
    • Bring diverse groups of people together (how can you bring people together who don’t normally interact?)
    • Inspire a sense of community by uniting people around a common goal
    • Build on community strengths or offer exciting ideas to address community challenges
    • Present a realistic and achievable plan to accomplish the project within a 6-9 month time-frame
    • Are feasible to accomplish with the grant OR are supported with matching resources (including donated goods, services, money, or volunteer time) to ensure that the project is attainable
    • Are unique efforts to support something that doesn’t already exist

What is the overall goal of the program?

Our goal is that Project Neighborly will attract many different kinds of proposals. We believe that our shared enthusiasm for more neighborly communities, combined with your energy and ingenuity will result in more area residents being neighborly – kind, considerate and helpful – to everyone they meet. If we’re successful, this program has the potential to build more and better relationships communitywide, and create a happier, healthier, more inclusive place for everyone.

Grant Application timeline
The 2022 deadline has passed, please check back early next year for details about the 2023 program.

Battelle Energy Alliance, manager and operator of Idaho National Laboratory; Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Boise Kind, CDA 2030, Civic Engagement Alliance, Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce, Idaho Central Credit Union, Innovia Foundation and United Way North Idaho

Other questions?
Reach out to us at or (208)342-3535 x 21