Fees and Distribution

Fund Management Fees
Each fund pays a proportionate share of the Foundation’s administrative costs, based on an annual fee structure. The Foundation offers a tiered fee schedule illustrated below. Fees are assessed quarterly on the fund’s average balance per the annual fee shown below.

Fund Type Endowed Non-Endowed
Donor Advised 1% varies based on investment option selected
Forever Idaho 1% N/A
Organizational 0.5% 1.0%
Scholarship 1.0% – 2.0% N/A
Special Project N/A varies

The fees listed are a guideline. Individual funds may be charged fees that differ from this schedule based on the level of fund services required. Donor Advised Funds have a minimum annual management fee of $250-$500.

Investment Management Fees
With the exception of some Non-Endowed Donor Advised Funds, ICF allocates the costs associated with investment management proportionally to the individual funds in its investment pool. These costs include fees paid for professional management and independent investment consulting fees.

The fees of individual managers vary depending on the size of the portfolio and the type of assets being managed. Total investment costs fluctuate depending on how assets are allocated among managers and among investment categories. They are currently between 0.25% and 0.30% annually.

Distribution Amounts
Endowed funds distribute 4.25% every year, though distributions are not required. Non-endowed funds can be fully spent.

All distributions must be a minimum of $250 and can be made quarterly. Distributions are calculated on the fund’s average balance, averaged over the prior two to 20 quarters, depending on how recently the fund was established. The Distribution Policy is reviewed annually by the ICF Board of Directors and is subject to change.

The power of endowment is an important aspect of our work. After about 25 years, an endowed fund will have provided more in grants than the amount of your original gift.