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Commitment to place is a core value of the Idaho Community Foundation and all community foundations, and we were honored to have the annual Philanthropy Northwest Annual Conference in Boise last week because they share that value.

Philanthropy Northwest is a network of philanthropists, philanthropies and philanthropy serving organizations dedicated to ensuring that communities in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming have vibrant, healthy futures that honor the past, the people and the cultures.

Karen Bilowith

Honoring those things means acknowledging both the bright spots and the difficult truths of the places we call home. The staff and leadership of Philanthropy Northwest, which is based in Seattle, weren’t sure what to expect in Boise. Would it be a welcoming place for their diverse membership? How would they prepare themselves to make the most of this opportunity?

As all of us who live here know, Boise and Idaho are experiencing unprecedented growth and diversity. Boise is now home to some of the most robust refugee resettlement programs in the country. The City of Boise has welcomed these new communities and has established policies to help them become accustomed to their new home. A tragedy in Boise’s refugee community this summer brought a swift and sustained response from foundations, nonprofits and thousands of community members.

Idaho’s growth is fueled by inspiration and innovation. With its beautiful landscape, love for the outdoors, and commitment to technology and entrepreneurship, our state is attracting young people from across the West who are eager to have more space, mountains in their backyards (quite literally!), and a community amenable to innovation and philanthropic partnership.

To help make their Idaho experience authentic, the planners of the Philanthropy Northwest conference invited leaders and representatives from Idaho’s diverse populations to speak and attend the event, including:

  • Members and leaders of the refugee population and the agencies that assist them in their resettlement
  •  Tribal leaders from throughout the state to speak about and honor the history and present of native peoples
  • The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights and other Idaho organizations that are committed to creating diverse, equitable and inclusive communities.

They also planned a tour of the Minidoka Relocation Center in south central Idaho, one of 10 camps across the nation where the U.S. Government incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II.

As a relative newcomer to Idaho, I am still learning about this wonderful state and its rich history. Some of that history can be uncomfortable. We welcomed the opportunity to share our home with Philanthropy Northwest and the conference attendees, not in an effort to win them over, but with the hope that they would have a full and accurate picture of Idaho today.

The Idaho Community Foundation and Philanthropy Northwest know that our philanthropy is at its best when it is responsive to community and grounded in place.
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Our final 30th Anniversary Celebration of the year – Nov. 14 in Boise!

Chobani Foundation and ICF partner to promote entrepreneurship in Magic Valley

ICF grant cycle provides more than $227,000 in east and southeast Idaho

Idaho Future Fund awards nearly $100K in grants for education projects in east Idaho

The ICF 30: Grangeville Community Foundation

Upcoming Deadlines

Memorials and Honors

The Idaho Community Foundation welcomes gifts sent as memorials or in honor of individuals on their birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or other special occasions. Such gifts may be added to any individual fund in the Foundation or to the Idaho Community Foundation Unrestricted Trust Fund.

The following gifts were received September 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018:

In Memory of Shirley Atteberry
John and Barbara Barber
Jeffrey and Marie Kellner

In Memory of Raymond Basabe
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Linda Beebe
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Homer Besecker, Jr.
Idaho Youth Education Recycling Partnership

In Memory of Esther Eckert
Idaho Youth Education Recycling Partnership

In Memory of Ken Eckert
Idaho Youth Education Recycling Partnership

In Memory of Marcella Engelhardt
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of David Faeth
Terry Curtis and Linda Grable-Curtis

In Memory of Norm Ford
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Ruby German
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Donald Heffner
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Donald Henderlider
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Dorothy Ingram
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Chuck Irvine
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Donald Lawrence
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Kenneth Naccarsto
Donald Bossio

In Memory of Camy Popiel
Earl and Lorraine Anderson
Correen and Stacie Major
Don and Diane Nentwig

In Memory of Robert Schenk
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Yvonne Shearman
Idaho Youth Education Recycling Partnership

In Memory of Brian Simpson
Heidi Rogers

In Memory of Jerry Stone
Idaho Society of CPAs

In Memory of Fran Symms
David and Diane Myklegard

In Memory of Gary Young
David and Diane Myklegard

In Honor of Charles Buck and Catherine Paige Riley
Charlie and Amanda Miller

In Honor of David and Carole Horner
Charlie and Amanda Miller

In Honor of Jay Langston and Chris Wert
Charlie and Amanda Miller

In Honor of Mike Watrobka and Meredith Goss-Watrobka
Charlie and Amanda Miller

In Honor of Sydney Willenbring
Aaron and Eric Willenbring

In Honor of Jason Wing and Jennifer YatesCharlie and Amanda Miller


Our final 30th Anniversary Celebration of the year – Nov. 14 in Boise

Please join us as we close out the year with our final 30th Anniversary Celebration – a cocktail party!

The party will be Wednesday, Nov. 14 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at JUMP in Boise. Cost is $95 per person and includes two drinks and hearty appetizers. RSVP by clicking here!

30th Anniversary

Attendees will be the first to see our new logo and new website, along with a few other surprises!

We’ll also be raising money for our Forever Idaho Funds – our most flexible funds that address Idaho’s greatest needs.

Even if you can’t make it to the party, you can still show your support for Forever Idaho by donating to the fund of your choice and we’ll recognize you at the event!

Forever Idaho East: www.idcomfdn.org/funds/ForeverIdahoEast
Forever Idaho North: www.idcomfdn.org/funds/ForeverIdahoNorth
Forever Idaho Southwest: www.idcomfdn.org/funds/ForeverIdahoSouthwest  

Chobani Foundation and ICF partner to promote entrepreneurship in Magic Valley

The Chobani Foundation has established a Community Impact Fund at the Idaho Community Foundation with a goal of strengthening the region where Chobani employees live and work in the Magic Valley.  

 Chobani Foundation

They plan to distribute $100,000 annually in grants to organizations, schools and municipalities that are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

The Chobani Foundation will fund big ideas from local community organizations, expanding economic opportunity and promoting entrepreneurship in Twin Falls, Gooding, Lincoln, Jerome, Minidoka and Cassia counties.

“We are excited about this partnership with the Chobani Foundation in the Magic Valley,” said Karen Bilowith, President and CEO of ICF. “The Idaho Community Foundation has 30 years of experience with grantmaking and community outreach, and we look forward to assisting the Chobani Foundation with its philanthropy in Idaho.”

Examples of projects that might be of interest to the Chobani Foundation include those that:

  • Teach young entrepreneurs
  • Empower small business owners
  • Provide job training for growth occupations
  • Create school-to-work training pathways for students

New initiatives will be strongly considered. Innovation and collaboration are encouraged and will be looked upon favorably. If invited to apply, deadline for submission is midnight on October 28. Grant awards will be announced in early December.

For more information, contact ICF’s Community Impact Officer Elly Davis at edavis@idcomfdn.org.

ICF grant cycle provides more than $227,000 in east and southeast Idaho

The Eastern Region Grants Panel has selected 71 nonprofit organizations in east and southeast Idaho to receive more than $227,000 through its annual competitive grant cycle.

Grant recipients are from Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Bonneville, Butte, Caribou, Custer, Franklin, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, Oneida, Power and Teton counties.

Click to see a list of this year’s recipients and the projects that were funded.

Idaho Museum of Natural History
The Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello received a grant of almost $4,900 from the Eastern Region Grant Cycle.

Idaho Future Fund awards nearly $100K in grants for education projects in east Idaho

The Idaho Future Fund in ICF is providing nearly $100,000 in grants to education projects in east and southeast Idaho.

The Idaho Future Fund was established at ICF by an anonymous couple from Blaine County. Grants from the fund are intended to create, sustain or reinvigorate impactful educational programs throughout the state in the areas of preschool scholarships, charter schools, public schools/public school libraries and supplemental educational programs.

Recipients of Idaho Future Fund grants in east Idaho are:

Teton Valley
The Teton Valley Education Foundation received a grant of $20,000 from the Idaho Future Fund for an afterschool program

Bear Lake School District (Clover Creek Alternate High School) – $4,872 to purchase carrel desks with comfortable chairs as well as locking filing cabinets to provide students with comfortable work spaces that are private and facilitate organization

Gem Prep Pocatello Inc. – $20,000 to purchase classroom furniture, open space creative learning furniture and technology equipment for a school expansion

Lee Pesky Learning Center – $17,464 to train early childhood educators in evidence-based literacy practices at four to six sites that serve 40-60 preschool students to increase kindergarten readiness and improve long-term learning outcomes

North Gem Education Foundation – $8,744 to provide a year’s subscription for the Accelerated Reading and Star 360 program, and provide new reading material in classrooms and in the library for the students, families and community

Oneida County Library – $10,000 to create a Summer Reading Program that is geared toward preventing summer slide in learning and reading, and to promote STEAM
(science, technology, engineering, arts, math) projects through K-12 maker spaces and activities through the summer and school year

Sugar-Salem School District #322 – $16,100 to provide a travelling planetarium field trip to schools in the district

Teton Valley Education Foundation – $20,000 to implement an afterschool program serving Teton School District’s at-risk students

The ICF 30: Grangeville Community Foundation

How does a community fund swimming opportunities for disabled children and adults, buy holiday lights for the city park and help acquire training videos for their rural fire department? A small group of visionaries in the north central Idaho town of Grangeville, figured out how to do just that.

In 2011, a group of Grangeville residents led by Mary Schmidt looked for ways to provide new programs, recreational opportunities and more that would benefit everyone in this town of 3,500 people.

Three years earlier, Grangeville had received a multi-year leadership development Horizons grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to address rural poverty. The grant had greatly benefited Grangeville, but it was ending, and residents wanted to continue seeing the positive impacts in the community.

Grangeville Community Foundation
The Grangeville Community Foundation in ICF has awarded more than $30,000 to support community projects, including purchasing holiday lights for the park.

“We had about $6,000 left and we wanted to create an endowment instead of nickel-and-diming it until nothing was left,” said John Bennett, who was then a board director for the Idaho Community Foundation. 

Schmidt and Bennett, along with Mary Jahn, Andrea Solberg and Jane Spencer, met with the Idaho Community Foundation, which was in the process of launching its Together Idaho program to create rural affiliates around the state to provide grants in those communities.

“The timing was perfect,” recalls Jahn. “We saw a great opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in our community.”  The group founded the Grangeville Community Foundation (GCF) in 2012 and awarded their first grants in 2013. 

Since then, they have awarded $30,000 to support Grangeville’s schools, parks, library, sports teams, town pool and many other projects, with an emphasis on funding projects for all ages and abilities.

“We are so thankful for the support from the Grangeville Community Foundation in our school,” said Susan Anderson, principal of Grangeville Elementary-Middle School (GEMS).  “Knowing that the money is raised and distributed right here in our community says so much about what is valued. Teachers don’t always know that they are appreciated, but through the GCF grants, they recognize that their time and effort is valued and supported.”

Anderson said grants from GCF have allowed her students to visit college campuses to see that they have many options after high school that they may not have realized. She said the GEMS music, literacy and enrichment programs would not be as robust or engaging for students if GCF didn’t exist.

GCF’s grant application process is quick and easy. Between eight and 18 projects are funded each year.

“I enjoy seeing the diversity of the grant applicants,” Bennett said. “We’re able to fund projects that truly make a difference in our community.”

Thanks to terrific support from this small community, the Grangeville Community Foundation’s endowment has grown significantly since it started and the GCF Board’s goal is to reach $250,000 this year. With an added focus on planned giving, the board envisions a $1 million endowment fund and looks forward to what that will accomplish in Grangeville for generations to come.

“I think Grangeville Community Foundation is an important part of our community,” said GEMS Principal Susan Anderson. “The investment they are making in our children will reap benefits for years to come. I am extremely grateful to know that we have members of the community who care about making Grangeville a wonderful place to live, learn, and raise a family. We hope it continues forever!”

The ICF 30 is a special series recognizing those who contributed to the success of the Idaho Community Foundation in our first 30 years. To see more of the stories, click here.

ICF website technical issues

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our website while we undergo a full upgrade of our software systems.

If you are attempting to apply for a grant, request a distribution from your fund, check your fund statement or any other task that requires a login, please click here to troubleshoot.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the full website restored soon.

Upcoming Deadlines

The Cancer Connection Idaho (TCCI) Fund – Statewide
The Cancer Connection Idaho (TCCI) Fund is offering grants up to $5,000 to nonprofits, public educational institutions, governmental entities and others that provide programs for those affected by cancer. The deadline is Nov. 1.

Grant applications should support TCCI’s mission to “empower people touched by cancer to find support, resources, education and a sense of community.” Past grants have supported a writing contest for teens that had cancer or a loved one with cancer, wellness programs such as gentle yoga and movement classes, mind-body skills and more.

For more information or to download an application, click here and scroll to Cancer Connection Idaho Fund.

Bistline Fund – Southeast Idaho
The F.M., Anne G., and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation Fund is accepting applications until Nov. 1 for projects related to the arts in the southeast Idaho counties of Bannock, Bingham, Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Power. Grants may fall under two categories:

  • Supporting arts activities that will provide entertainment or art-related education to the general public or
  • Supporting the education, skills training, performance or display opportunities for local artists.

For more information about eligibility and to apply, click here and scroll to F.M., Anne G., and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation Fund.

Wood River Women’s Foundation – Blaine County
The Wood River Women’s Foundation (WRWF) is accepting grant applications from Blaine County’s nonprofit organizations, and for the first time it is using an online application and has increased the maximum size of the grants. The completed application is due on or before Nov. 12.

The WRWF accepts grant applications in the areas of arts, education, environment, health, recreation and social services. It increased the maximum amount for grants for the to $35,000. Grants will be awarded in amounts from $5,000 to $35,000.

An informational meeting for nonprofits will be held at on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 9 a.m. at Ketchum’s Community Library. More information is available at www.woodriverwomensfoundation.org.

ICF’s New and Renewing Members September 2018

New Member | Renewing Member

Benefactor ($1,000 and above)
Celia Kunau, Burley  
Donald and Marcia Liebich, Hailey
Roger and Claudia Martell, Star
Douglas Oppenheimer, Boise
Richard and Susan Parrish, Boise
Ron Sali, Eagle
Paul and Judy Yochum, Pocatello

Patron ($500-$999)
Mary Abercrombie, Boise
Douglas and Deidre Chadderdon, Coeur d’Alene
J. Brent and Sandra Fery, Boise
Clark and Sydney Fidler, Boise
Ron Graves and Diane Plastino Graves, Boise
Tim and Sue Hamilton, Ketchum
Robert and Anne Hay, Boise
Kenlon and Carol Johnson, Idaho Falls
Michael and Janet McBride, Twin Falls
James and Willa McLaughlin, Ketchum
Doug and Billie Nelson, Idaho Falls
J.L. and Pat Scott, McCall
Thomas and Rosamond Turnbull, Carbondale, CO
Mary Wagers, Boise
William and Virginia Woolley, Boise

Sponsor ($250-$499)
Bill and Elizabeth Allen, Salmon
Randy and Candi Allphin, Boise
Clen and Emma Atchley, Ashton
Baldwin Supporting Foundation, Coeur d’Alene
David Barber, Boise
Betty Carr, Idaho Falls
Julie Chenoweth, Orofino
Roy and Frances Ellsworth, Boise
Art and Nancy Flagan, Coeur d’Alene
John and Deb Holleran, Boise
Raymond and Jane Morgan, Hayden Lake
John and Sue Paul, Boise
Harlan and Barbara Renner, Dalton Gardens
David and Pamela Shaw, Emmett
Dale and Victoria Smith, King Hill
Richard Stivers, Twin Falls
Michael and Diana Thomas, Weiser
Fred and Charlotte Thompson, Boise

Sustainer ($100-$249)
Norman and Ellen Batt, Caldwell
Fred and Gayle Bieker, Sun Valley
Henry and Deborah Boomer, McCall
Mary and Thomas Carver, St. Maries
Freda Cenarrusa, Boise
Donald and Dolores Chapman, McCall
Lulu Mae Coates, Jerome
Linda Copple Trout, Boise
Jim and Judith Eisses, Coeur d’Alene
Fred and Susan Faulkner, Gooding
William and Melissa Gilbert, Boise
Richard and Lynne Haensli, Caldwell
Michele A. Hansen, Idaho Falls
Craig Hobdey, Gooding
Nancy Ives, Boise
Donald and Dorothy Jacklin, Post Falls
D. Blaine and Cynthia Jacobson, Boise
James and Wendy Jaquet, Ketchum
Peter Kozisek and Julia Robinson, Boise
Edward and Siwen Hu Lieskovan, Arcadia, CA
Grace and Clark Lusk, Hayden
John and Mary McGown, Boise
Bruce and Darlena Moberly, Boise
David and Diane Myklegard, Boise
James and Linda Neeley, Idaho Falls
Kay and JoAnn Nelson, Coeur d’Alene
Donald and Rose Price, Nampa
P.T. and Sherry Rathbone, Marsing
Stephen and Julie Rice, Lewiston
Mike and Amy Roe, Boise
John and Karen Rosholt, Twin Falls
Marilyn Sabella, Sandpoint
Marion Shinn, Lewiston
Philip Shinn, Lewiston
Gerald and Connie Shroeder, Boise
Esther Simplot, Boise
Craig and Jane Spencer, Grangeville
John and Brenda St. Clair, Idaho Falls
Norman Steadman, Weippe
Dan and Donna Suhr, Jerome
Wayne and Peggy Thiessen, Boise
Leslie Tidwell, Hailey
Rebecca Tuttle, Portland, OR
Anne Voillequè, Idaho Falls
Robin and Mimi Wallis, Boise
Scott Wayman, Wallace
Stephen Weeg and Nancy Greco, Pocatello
Dick and Joanne Wetherell, Sun Valley
H. James and Stephanie White, Boise
David and Shannon Wimer, Grangeville
Gerald and MaryEllen Woodworth, Rupert
H. Norman and Kathryn Wright, American Falls

Supporter ($50-$99)
Kenneth and Laura Bell, Boise
Gary and Janet Benoit, Boise
Jean Betebenner, Boise
Dean and Judy Buffington, Boise
Donald Carleton, Moscow
Edson and Patricia Fujii, Meridian
Klara Hansberger, Meridian
Ernest Jensen, Idaho Falls
Rich and Betty Jordan, Boise
Gail LeBow, Garden City
Ruth Lieder, Sun Valley
David and Kelsey Little, Emmett
Gayla Lyon, Boise
David Marotz, Rigby
Mike McHargue, Boise
Christopher and Pam Moore, Lewiston
Robert and LaVoy Myers, Pocatello
Randall and Melissa Nelson, Boise
Mark and Eva Nye, Pocatello
Dennis O’Brien, Wallace
Carol Pintler, Ketchum
Margaret Plastino, Idaho Falls
Edie Schab, Twin Falls
Kenneth and Janet Sherman, Boise
Thomas and JoAnn Trail, Moscow
Robert and Lori Ward, Twin Falls

Friend ($25-$49)
Donna Boe, Pocatello
Susan Borowicz, Elk City
Judy Cahill, Ketchum
Kevin Dunn, Boise
Pamela and Bruce Lake, Blackfoot
Alan and Mildred Lansing, Lenore
Hailey Lusk, American Falls
Lindsay Meloy, Boise
Mary Ann Meyers, Meridian
Mary Nate, Montpelier
Leonard Parenteau, Priest River
Tammy Stringham, Salmon
Anne Wilder Chamberlain, Priest River
Beverly Williams, Boise

Business and Nonprofit Partners
Fuller & Fuller, PLLC, Preston
Interlink Volunteer Caregivers, Inc., Twin Falls
Senior Activity Center, Pocatello
Sixth Judicial District CASA Program, Pocatello

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