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October 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: Idaho nears full participation in 2020 Census; A New Kind of Project: Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative; Nearly $228K awarded through Forever Idaho East grant cycle; Ifft Foundation Fund grants almost $49,000 in southeast Idaho; Want grantmaking help? We're here for you!

September 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: From the President; Expressions of gratitude and continued need from COVID grantees; Cause for celebration: Dee Fery turns 90!; And ICF staff weddings!; ICF Upcoming Deadlines – Grants and Scholarships

August 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: From the President; Question, Persuade, Refer: Preventing suicide in Idaho and around the world; Kristi Scott elected to Coeur d’Alene Estate Planning Council; Deadline for Idaho Philanthropy Day nominations is Aug. 21

July 27, 2020 ICF E-Bulletin: Karen Bilowith named a CEO of influence

July 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: From the President; COVID-19 grants throughout the state; The effect of COVID-19 on three Idaho tribes; Thank you to our Lead Funding Partners; ICF Upcoming Deadlines

June 5, 2020 ICF E-Bulletin: Diversity, equity and inclusion in Idaho

June 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: From the President; Idaho Forest Group and Idaho Business for Education turn to ICF for help; Forever Idaho North grants more than $245,000 to community organizations; Ifft Foundation Fund grants more than $77,000 in southeast Idaho

May 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: From the President; COVID-19 Fund for Idaho exceeds $1M in grants; Several ICF grant cycles offering grants for greatest needs; Still time to support your favorite nonprofit through Idaho Gives; Deadlines

April 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: From the President; First grants distributed from COVID-19 Fund for Idaho; Longtime supporter Celia Kunau passes away; We welcome our new staff; Upcoming Deadlines

April 6, 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: COVID-19 Fund for Idaho has more than $1M in commitments

March 27, 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: $2M in grants going out; $320K committed to COVID-19

March 23, 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: An update from the Idaho Community Foundation

March 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: Karen Bilowith named as 2020 CEO of Influence honoree; In Memoriam: Longtime ICF supporter Mary McGown passes; Making an Impact: ICF Scholarships; Upcoming Deadlines

February 4, 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: Don’t forget to renew your ICF membership!; In Case You Missed It ICF News; Upcoming Deadlines; New Legacy Society

January 27, 2020 @ICF E-Bulletin: Partnerships reinforce Community Conversation outcomes

January 7, 2020 @ICF Monthly E-Bulletin: Changes to the e-bulletin in 2020; ICF highlights from 2019; Don’t forget to renew your ICF membership!; Upcoming Deadlines; Newly Created Funds

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