Organizational Funds

One of the ways we strengthen nonprofits and schools is by helping them build a secure future for themselves. By choosing to establish an Organizational Fund, you’ll become one of nearly 100 Idaho organizations that are helping to build healthy and vital communities in our state.


  • Professional investment management and oversight by our experienced ICF Investment Subcommittee and hired consultants. 
  • The fund can accept a wide variety of gifts, including stock, life insurance and more. 
  • Assistance with planned gift options for your donors and their professional advisors. 
  • Affiliation with the Idaho Community Foundation, a respected statewide organization with a 30-year history in Idaho. 
  • No more investment management responsibilities for your board. 
  • Endowed funds are permanent, which sends an important message to donors that your organization is stable.
  • Contributions are invested to grow over time and donors can contribute any amount to the fund at any time. Gifts may be eligible for tax deductions and ICF sends receipts to all contributors.

Organizational Funds can be endowed or non-endowed.

Endowed funds are invested for the long term and provide a steady income stream that can be used for operations, programs or other needs determined by your board of directors. Endowed funds are permanent funds that will forever benefit your organization. A small percentage, currently 4.25%, is granted to your organization each year.

In keeping with our commitment to helping nonprofits succeed, the Idaho Community Foundation charges a 0.5% management fee for endowed Organizational Funds, plus the fund’s share of investment costs.

The minimum to establish an endowed fund is $50,000.