Client Benefits

Local Oversight – By establishing a fund at the Idaho Community Foundation, your client joins a respected organization with 30+ years of helping Idahoans make sure their charitable gifts make a difference.

Flexibility – We offer flexibility in regards to the types of gifts we accept and the kinds of funds your client can establish. Through ICF, you can provide your clients with diverse philanthropic options, including giving to one or more specific charities, setting up a scholarship program or creating a personal or family legacy in the community, similar to a private foundation.

Professional Asset Management – Whether endowed or non-endowed, your client’s donated assets are professionally managed according to the investment policy established by ICF’s Board of Directors. Each fund is pooled and invested as part of the Foundation’s total assets, resulting in lower management fees, greater investment diversification and minimized investment risk. The endowed pool preserves assets in perpetuity and the non-endowed pools offer shorter time horizons. See our investment results.

Donor Services – We provide all administrative services related to your client’s fund, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence and grant making. This allows your client to fully enjoy the pleasure of giving without the administrative burden of a private foundation.

Tax Advantages – Your client will be eligible to receive a tax deduction and, in some cases, tax credits for their charitable contributions. They will be eligible for a tax deduction and/or tax credit in the year a contribution was made, although grants from the fund may be made over time.