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When you give through The Idaho Community Foundation, you become part of something bigger than any one individual. You join a family of people who care deeply about Idaho and are committed to doing great things together for their community.

Mitch and Linda Watkins Fund
Nep and Mary Ellen Lynch Fund
John William Jackson Fund
7Cares Fund

Forever Idaho Funds

Donors choose to support ICF’s statewide initiatives, a region of Idaho (East, North, South Central or Southwest) or a particular cause. Your gift is combined with others for maximum charitable impact.

Forever Idaho Funds

Advocates Against Family Violence
Community Funds Grangeville Community Foundation

Community Funds, Affiliates and Giving Circles

Local residents join together to create a fund that supports the community they love.

Community Funds

Scholarship Funds

Donors customize a scholarship for graduates of a certain school, for studies in a specific field or programs at a particular education institution. The donor may play a role in the selection process.

Scholarship Funds

Manuel and Gladys Schneidmiller Scholarship Recipient
First Judicial District CASA Program Fund

Organizational Funds

Established by a nonprofit to forever support their mission; annual distributions are made to the nonprofit to be used as their board deems appropriate.

Organizational Funds

Designated Funds

Established by a donor to forever support one or more of their favorite charities; annual distributions are made to the named beneficiaries.

Designated Funds

Bogus Basin Ski Resort
Chesbro Family Music Fund

Donor Advised Funds (Endowed)

Donors annually select beneficiaries and may change them from year to year.

Donor Advised Funds (Endowed)

Donor Advised Funds (Non-Endowed)

Similar to the Donor Advised Endowed Fund but the entire fund balance is available for annual distribution. Donors annually select beneficiaries and may change them from year to year.

Donor Advised Funds (Non-Endowed)

Carr Young Philanthropists Fund
Idaho Coalition for Community Schools Fund

Special Project Funds

ICF acts as a fiscal sponsor for a charitable project, handling the administration and management of funds; distributions are made to complete the project.

Special Project Funds

Join the Movement.

Being an Idahoan means more than living in Idaho—it's about actively investing in our communities. At The Idaho Community Foundation, we're leading a movement to cultivate a culture of philanthropy across the state. For 35 years, community-minded Idahoans have invested in Idaho through The Idaho Community Foundation. When you give through us, you're not just donating; you're affirming the Idaho way of community-minded living and lasting impact.

Connect with Your Love for Idaho!

We simplify philanthropy. Whether you're making a one-time donation or creating a legacy that lasts generations, our goal is to help you support the Idaho communities you hold dear.

From Idaho, For Idaho

We live here, work here, and have a vested interest in Idaho's future. With deep roots and an intimate understanding of local needs, we are uniquely positioned to make Idaho a better place for all.

Connect with our Giving Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

A charitable giving fund at ICF allows you to be strategic with your giving. You’ll have opportunities to use ICF’s deep community knowledge to give to the organizations that will meet your philanthropic goals.

A single large gift can be an administrative burden to an organization and distract from their ability to accomplish their programmatic work. Grants from your charitable giving fund can be distributed over time and the recipient will be able to rely on the funding year after year.

ICF completes due diligence before we distribute grants. If the community organization(s) ceases to exist or is not in good standing as a qualified nonprofit, we will share that information with you. For funds created by estate gifts, we will find a replacement(s) doing similar work in the same community. You don’t have the same guarantee when you make a large, direct gift to an organization.

Senior Connection

People who create a Donor Advised Funds (DAF) at the community foundation are active and engaged in their community. They come to us because they want to deepen their understanding of community needs and connect with the organizations making an impact.

Giving through ICF is more than a financial transaction. Our staff have a deep love for Idaho, and we want to help our donors succeed in their philanthropy. We make the giving experience rewarding, fun and easy.

Senior Connection

An important distinguishing feature of a community foundation is “variance power,” which gives a community foundation the ability to change the charitable purpose of a fund if circumstances have sufficiently changed to make the original restriction inappropriate.

The easiest case for exercising the variance power is when a charity that was the beneficiary of a designated fund goes out of existence. Through its monitoring function, a community foundation can exercise the variance power if it determines that a charity has significantly changed the nature of its operations. It can also exercise the variance power if the purpose becomes obsolete, for example, a trust to fund research to find a cure for polio or cancer after a cure is found.

Variance power is given to community foundations by U.S. Treasury Regulations.

Mother and daughter in McCall Idaho

The Idaho Community Foundation has a Confidentiality Policy that states we will not discuss or disclose donor records, donor financial statements or any other information without the authorization of ICF’s President/CEO or the President/CEO’s designee.

For Designated and Forever Idaho funds, we will continue to follow the instructions listed in the fund agreement.

For endowed Donor Advised Funds, you may name successor advisors to make grant recommendations and continue your family’s legacy of giving. Or you can convert your Donor Advised Fund to a Designated or Forever Idaho fund upon your passing.

For non-endowed Donor Advised Funds, any remaining fund balance will be distributed according to the instructions you provided when you established the fund. 

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