Charitable Giving Funds

We offer several types of charitable giving funds, each tailored to Idaho-focused philanthropic goals. Charitable giving funds can be created by individuals, families, businesses, corporations or nonprofits.

Charitable giving funds are free to create and can be established with a wide variety of assets, including stocks, real estate, business assets and more. You can create your fund now, through your estate or both.

Our Philanthropic Advisors will listen to your philanthropic goals and design a charitable giving plan that reflects your wishes.

Kris Kamann Rich Ballou Background: Peter Faucher standing in front of brick building Clark Hyvonen
Kris Kamann
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Southwest and South Central Idaho
(208) 342-3535 x14
Rich Ballou
Philanthropic Advisor, East
(208) 342-3535 x22
Peter Faucher
Philanthropic Advisor, North
(208) 342-3535 x23
Clark Hyvonen
Philanthropic Advisor, Southwest/South Central
(208) 342-3535 x28

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Established by an individual, group or organization to benefit a specific community in
Idaho – a town, county or other defined region.

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Community Funds have an Advisory Committee comprised of people who live in the area who decide how the Fund’s grant process will work for proposals and awards. The Advisory Committee recommends how the Fund should be distributed.

The Idaho Community Foundation Board of Directors has final approval of grant awards. ICF verifies all recipients and processes payments.

Community Fund establishment is by application only. Community Funds have a minimum contribution of $50,000, with a 5-year pledge option.

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Automatically give to one or more of your favorite nonprofits every year.

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A Designated Fund provides a way to automatically give to one or more specific community organizations that have touched your life. Your gift provides more than just annual funding - your favorite nonprofit will benefit from ICF’s top-notch investment strategy. Because ICF handles the details, the nonprofit’s board and staff are free to focus on its mission.

You or other donors can add to the fund at any time. If the organization you select ceases to exist or changes its mission, the fund can be redirected so that it continues to address your charitable intent.

Minimum to Establish: $25,000

Fees and Distribution

Donor Advised
A Donor Advised Fund provides flexibility to give to a variety of organizations, similar
to a private foundation or family foundation.

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Donor Advised Funds are convenient, flexible tools for individuals, families, businesses or others who want to be personally involved in selecting grant recipients. If you have a range of community interests, you may find a Donor Advised Fund an ideal vehicle for fulfilling your charitable wishes.

Donor Advised Funds are typically less costly and easier to administer than family foundations or corporate foundations. You can add to the fund at any time and are eligible for tax benefits with each new gift.

You can establish a fund today and make grant recommendations now, or create it for the future with your estate plan and name others to serve as fund advisors.

With an endowed gift, your Donor Advised Fund becomes a permanent community funding resource.

Minimum to Establish: $25,000

Fees and Distribution

Forever Idaho
Forever Idaho Funds provide flexible grants that meet the greatest needs of community organizations.

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Make a greater impact and respond to changing needs in your community by pooling your donation with hundreds of others.

Forever Idaho Statewide – Support ICF’s statewide initiatives, which address needs throughout Idaho.

Forever Idaho East – Support community programs in Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Bonneville, Butte, Caribou, Clark, Custer, Franklin, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, Oneida, Power and Teton counties without restrictions.

Forever Idaho North – Support community programs in Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Clearwater, Idaho, Kootenai, Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce and Shoshone counties without restrictions.

Forever Idaho South Central – Support community programs in Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Elmore, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka and Twin Falls counties.

Forever Idaho Southwest – Support community programs in Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington counties without restrictions.

Minimum to establish: No minimum for contributions to an existing Forever Idaho Fund (Statewide, East, North, Southwest or Field of Interest).

$25,000 minimum to establish a named Forever Idaho Fund or Forever Idaho Field of Interest Fund to honor a loved one, your family or others.

Distribution Process:
East, North, South Central, Southwest and Field of Interest only – ICF annually runs grant cycles throughout the state, collecting applications from each region. Grant applications are reviewed by ICF’s Regional Council, approved by our Board of Directors and distributed to the region.

Forever Idaho Statewide only – No set timeline for distribution. ICF leadership selects projects, initiatives and partnerships that will benefit Idaho communities. Opportunities are evaluated as they arise.

Fees: No fees on contribution to existing funds. Fees on named Forever Idaho Funds and Forever Idaho Field of Interest Funds.

Support the operations of the Idaho Community Foundation

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Operating Funds support the general operations of the Idaho Community Foundation. Your gift becomes a permanent resource for ICF and allows us to focus on our grantmaking and community impact.

Minimum to Establish: No minimum donation. $25,000 to establish a named fund.

Fees on named Operating Funds

Established by a nonprofit to support their operations and programs.

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One of the ways we strengthen community organizations is by helping them build a secure future for themselves. By choosing to establish an Organizational Fund, your IRS-recognized 501 (c) (3) becomes one of more than 100 Idaho organizations that are helping to build healthy and vital communities in our state.

See more about Organizational Funds.

Create a scholarship for students seeking help with the costs of higher education.

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You can create a Scholarship Fund as a memorial to someone special, selecting eligibility criteria that exemplify that person’s goals or values. Or you may use it to express your educational values or those of your family or business. Depending on your preferences, your scholarship can support students from a particular community, those studying within a certain field or attending a preferred educational institution.

You may choose to join your fund’s Scholarship Selection Committee to help recommend scholarship recipients. ICF can handle all the administrative details of the scholarship process, including sending notifications to applicants and distributing awards to the students’ educational institution.

Minimum to Establish: $50,000

Distribution Process: Distributions from the Fund are made only within the defined scope of the scholarship and are based on the recommendations of a Scholarship Selection Committee as outlined in the fund agreement.

Fees on Scholarship Funds